When covered by Estonian Health Insurance Fund and with a referral from a family or specialist doctor the visit fee is 5 euros.

Without either the visit fee is 100 euros.

Please call +372 734 1903 to schedule an appointment.


Dr. Anneli Rinne

Wednesdays 14:00-19:00

Dr. Viktor Šapovalov

Wednesdays 09:00-13:00

Dr. Alo Rull

Tuesdays 14:00-19:00

Dr. Egon Puuorg

Wednesdays 13:00-16:00

Dr. Eiki Strauss

Mondays 14:00-17:00

Dr. Jaan Laos

Tuesdays 08:00-12:00

Dr. Mart Parv

Thursdays 13:00-19:00

Dr. Silver Aun

Mondays 08:00-12:00, Thursdays 09:00-12:00